K9200-A High Temperature Oil Pump Kit

For circulating hot oil in transmissions and differentials.

Weldon's K9200-A oil transfer pump kit has been designed to meet the demanding rigors of OEM applications. They have been manufactured using the same stringent quality requirements and exacting specifications as our Electric Racing Fuel Pumps.


  • 12 Volt Electric Motor / 24 Volt Version available
  • Internal Relief Valve to prevent system damage
  • Pumps are 100% serviceable/repairable
  • Internal components are 100% metallic -- no plastics or composite materials
  • Compatible with all types of hot oils
  • Resistant to Contamination
  • Blades self-compensating for wear
  • Rated flow is 30 GPH of 300 Deg. F oil while only drawing 5.5 amps
  • TC250-100 Clamp included to mount pump
  • Thermostatic Switch (196 Deg. F - On / 163 Deg. F - Off) included
  • NOT FOR LUBRICATION -- Please see the A8019-A or B8009-A Turbo Lubrication pumps

    Compatible Weldon Pump Components

  • TC250-100, 2.5" Band Clamp
  • -8AN to -6 Oring Port Adapter (Steel)
  • 100 Micron Stainless Filter Assembly

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    K9200-A - $489.99 USD

    (Prices subject to change without notice)