A2046 4 Port Blocking Regulator

No tools required for pressure adjustment. Revolutionary Tool-Free pressure adjustment -- allows for more precise control of base fuel pressure with single hand adjustability

Size of Return Orifice in Inches:


  • Stainless Steel Poppet and Delrin seat comprise the most modern cartridge design and allows for the most consistent fuel delivery in the industry
  • "Creep" characteristics are unaffected by outlet port configuration, allowing the use of as many or as few ports as desired
  • Can be used in single, dual, and "split" carb'd applications without compromising performance
  • Industry Standard -- mounting and port configuration for easy installation
  • Largest, least restrictive internal flow chamber
  • Innovative valve cartridge has the largest flow paths to support higher fuel flows
  • Unique Valve seat design provides smooth and predictable valve response with the most stable fuel delivery
  • Resilient Teflon diaphragm is compatible with all racing fuels
  • Designed to maintain steady fuel delivery during dramatic changes in fuel demand, such as WOT conditions, boost application and gear changes
  • Adjustable from 4-15 psi
  • 1/8" NPT Gauge Port
  • 1/8" NPT manifold pressure reference port (filtered vent -- supplied)
  • Fuel pressure increases on a 1:1 ratio with boost
  • One -10 Inlet with four -6 pressure ports
  • Replaceable / interchangable internal components
  • User serviceable
  • For use with all Weldon Pump and regulator combinations, as well as pumps from other manufactures
  • Billet Aircraft Aluminum with Mil-spec anodizing

    Compatible Weldon Pump Components

  • 1/8" Sintered Bronze Breather
  • 100 Micron Stainless Filter Assembly
  • A2040 Series, Bypass Regulator
  • 1100-A Flow Through Fuel Pump
  • -6 Port Plug (Steel)

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    A2046 - $210 USD

    (Prices subject to change without notice)